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Dana-Marie Barrios

is an artist

Dana-Marie's journey towards her artistically inclined lifestyle started at a young age in Long Island, New York — when she began to inquire about her Puerto Rican and Sicilian heritage. Femininity and the display of strength in the women during her upbringing is exhibited in her work.


Dana-Marie has traveled and taught art classes in both Argentina and Thailand. It was in Thailand where she was exposed to the teachings of Buddhism. Dana-Marie is seeking to explore spiritual ideologies, the capacity of women, and pushing the boundaries of the role of color in her art. 


Although her academic studies lie specializing in art history , she was driven to continue to express herself through painting. She saw it as an expression of self-love and healing.

Some of her projects and clients include Coach, Styles P, Love and Hip-Hop, Juices For Life and Urban Outfitters, and SHOWFIELDS!

dana-marie barrios
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